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Our Testimonials

We believe we should be judged by both our work and by our clients' experience.

Here's a selection of comments from our wonderful clients, giving feedback both on our work, how we work, and why they chose a boudoir shoot.

Miss A

"I want to show my kids in the future how much of a badass sexy lady I was. To influence them to love themselves and not give a damn about modern-day beauty standards."


Miss C

"I loved every minute of these shoots, which took me by surprise because I had previously felt uncomfortable having my photo taken - it changed everything for me! The whole experience is a glamorous and empowering one, I think every woman should do a boudoir shoot at least once. "

Miss Q

"I’ve always wanted to do a boudoir shoot but never felt confident enough to do it. After looking at the pictures I was amazed at how good I looked and it made me feel more confident about myself. For the first time I felt sexy about myself and I loved it."


Miss Z

"The end results are amazing and made me feel so good about myself, which is what this shoot was all about for me."

Mrs T

"I've wanted to do a boudoir shoot for a long time. I wanted to look like an amazing plus-size woman and I'm so happy with my photos from my session.

Chloe really made me feel at ease about myself to get the most from my shoot."


We've EMPOWERED all these amazing people

Being part of our client's life journey is a truly humbling experience for us. Here are some of our recent shoots. Click to view the gallery below and look at how we've captured these beautiful people in amazing locations.

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