A Journey of Discovery

An honestly written account by a normal person who'd lost self-belief and how a Boudoir session transformed their life.


Setting the scene

If you're thinking of doing a boudoir shoot, do it do it do it. Caleb is so amazing at what he does & you will feel FANTASTIC, I promise you that.

A long story short, ish, people may be surprised when I say I'm not a confident person. It's been a fake it till you make it scenario, but I've never made it.

After suffering with mental health issues for years & also loosing a lot of my muscle tone after having my first baby last year, I was definitely still trying hard to make it.


The Life-changing Result

I couldn't have asked for anyone better to capture these images, which I love so much I want one in my bedroom! I honestly don't think you'll find a better person to get these images, this guy is a perfectionist on getting the lighting on an epic scale for the shot, which makes them look incredible.


I FINALLY feel that I 100% love my authentic self & damn I look good too! Why shouldn't women love themselves & be proud of their bodies, why is it classed as vain or self centered? Love yourself, love each other - women are goddesses & we need to remember that.


Thank you SO much Caleb, you've helped me finally put the final piece of the jigsaw together to make it.

The Experience

Lockdown 2 was a blessing in disguise.....after a hellovalot of work on myself, I was finally feeling my authentic self & feeling more confident (but still trying to make it) - then comes this shoot to help with the final jigsaw piece.


Honestly, Caleb has no idea how much this shoot has helped me. It was SO much fun & Caleb made me feel so comfortable, he was 110% professional & relaxing - checking in throughout the shoot & providing good between shot banter - which from knowing Caleb for years I didn't expect anything less. If you're nervous you have nothing to worry about.


We've EMPOWERED all these amazing people

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